Toronto Cow Save is a sister organisation to Toronto Pig Save.

Toronto Cow Save’s mission is to erect glass walls at Toronto area slaughterhouses in order to encourage people to choose vegan, protect the environment, and support farm sanctuaries. We are working for a just transition for workers as we adjust our food economy to a local, organic, and plant-based diet.

There are two large cow slaughterhouses in Toronto: “St. Helen’s Meat Packers” and Ryding-Regency slaughterhouses, killing about a thousand cows and calves daily. We focus on bearing witness at these massive slaughterhouses, while educating people about compassion for ALL animals, and promoting veganism.

TCS Vigil October 7th 2014

The cows in this truck were even more terrified than usual and it quickly became apparent why; one of their herdmates, one of their friends, was so badly injured that she could not stand up. She lay there bleeding, quietly crying and looking around with huge panicked eyes, which could also have been a sign of the amount of pain she was in. Her friends did their best not to step on her, but still some had blood covering their lower legs. Some had her blood on their noses, as if they had been nudging her to get up, or attempting to lick her better. 

She was shot soon after these photos were taken, and her friends were forced into the slaughterhouse with electric prods, where their necks were slit, and their blood split, while fully consious and aware of what was happening to them, and to their friends; their herdmates with whom they had grown up with. Could you imagine the horror of watching your friends suffer and die before you?

Rest in peace angels. We loved you.

Choose veganism today in their honour.

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Photo credit to Agnes Cseke.


Bearing witness at a @torontocowsave vigil today. A gentle soul lying on the floor of a transport truck, bleeding and dying surrounded by her cow friends. She should have been helped and saved. She was shot and murdered half an hour later in the transport truck on #StHelensMeatPackers #slaughterhouse property. #GoVegan for her and #organize for #animal #justice every day

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This occured at a “kosher”/”halal”, “smaller” (1000 cows per day between the two slaughterhouses) slaughterhouse. It is not just in huge, industrial plants where animals experience extreme suffering. This is not an isolated event. Millions of animals arrive at slaughterhouses every year too sick or injured to even walk to their deaths. They are known in the industry as “downers”. If they are lucky, they will be shot on sight, as this poor, sweet angel was. If not, they will be dragged into the slaughterhouse with chains, or will be left out like trash to languish and die either from thirst or the elements. 

Please, PLEASE choose veganism today in honor of this cow who suffered so horribly. 

We are thankful that she is now at peace and no longer in pain. You were loved gentle, beautiful one.

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A mother & her calf, how it should be, & how it should stay.


A mother & her calf, how it should be, & how it should stay.

TCS Vigil September 22nd 2014

Testimony from activist Anita Krajnc: “I post this days later after bearing witness of cows in a slaughterhouse pen at Monday morning’s Toronto Cow Save vigil and I can say I feel guilt for partaking in something I didn’t do enough to prevent. I don’t feel guilty for having been there. It was absolutely the right thing to do. I feel it’s right to bear witness as close as you can and that we all have a duty to do this. I keep thinking of this young, sweet, Hereford cow who trusted me immediately and let me pet him/her and she licked me repeatedly with her beautiful, sandpaper-like yet soft tongue. It was a kiss I could have received at a very different, good place like Wishing Well Farm Sanctuary in Branford an hour away. But this was at a slaughterhouse (kosher/halal one where they won’t even be stunned; though all slaughterhouses are one’s worst nightmare). To have befriended an angel like her and all the cows in the slaughterhouse pen and then left when I heard a worker coming to move the cows into the indoor pens closer to the kill pen is painful. I should have stayed longer or jumped in the pen with them.

This is my testimony from Monday night: We heard the sounds of the cows moaning and screaming in the pen area. I was thinking tonight: Where do I want to be? If there are death camps in our community, as in slaughterhouses, then that’s where I want to be and want everyone to be. When you’re with the chickens, cows, pigs, sheep or fish they are so overwhelmingly important and you want to spend your time there and be with them. You want to follow them into the slaughterhouse and be there and somehow get everyone to be there… because if they were, there is no way the slaughterhouses would be allowed to continue. This is what happens inside Toronto’s slaughterhouses (and any slaughterhouse). The cows were crying in their pens. They had tears. They listen to other cows crying out, screaming, moaning and lamenting. They—the animals—bear witness more than we do… They bear witness the most. They go towards places where they can look and they point their ears towards the other screaming cows or the direction of the sounds… I am absolutely sure if everyone witnessed these utterly heartbreaking scenes inside a killing facility/death camp/slaughterhouse as the animals do and heard their cries—the constant cries of agony inside the pen area near the kill floor, they would do what the animals want to do: try to help each other.”

Sadly it is too late to save this incredibly loving cow, but you can help future cow persons from suffering the same fate by sharing these photos and choosing veganism!

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Photo credit to Anita Krajnc.

TCS Vigil September 19th 2014

Today, instead of the trucks being zipped into the fenced-off areas as quickly as possible to prevent the cows from having even that small bit of comfort that we may offer them, there was a transport truck parked on the side of the street, which gave us the opportunity to spend time with the cow persons who were trapped inside. They were all quite young and definitely would have preferred to still be with their mums. Cows will sometimes nurse until almost two years of age when allowed to wean naturally, and most will maintain strong life-long relationships with their mothers. However, cows being raised for beef are typically taken away from their mums to be sent to feed lots at just over a year old, two at the most. These babies were standing in an absolutely filthy truck; the floor was covered in excrement, and it is possible that they had been traveling for days without rest (since legally they can be transported in this way for up to 52 hours in Canada). They were very scared, with huge eyes, restless legs, and runny noses (a sign of stress), and it was no wonder since the skins of those who had been slaughtered before them were right across the street and while they may or may not have been visible, the cows could definitely smell the blood; so while they may not have known exactly what was going to become of them, they knew it wasn’t good, and yet they had no hope of escape. All we could offer them was our soft words of love, calm energy, and kind outstretched hands. Eventually some did respond to our warm, attentive actions, and gently touched/kissed our gloved hands. It is both incredible and tragic how fast these animals respond to any caring gesture; it shows that all they want is to experience respect and love, and to live freely with their loved ones. 

Unfortunately, these persons had their grim fate already planned, and so they were curtly pulled away from us and backed into the unloading area. Thinking about what they were about to go through, the use of electric prods on their most sensitive parts, being chained upside by their foot, having their throat cut open in a sawing motion while conscious, watching this happen to their friends before them, kicking and choking as they bled out, being skinned, sometimes while still conscious, and dismembered, and turned into an almost unrecognizable object, was dreadful, harrowing, and heartbreaking. We must remember though, that while these persons were not saved, every day human people are growing into dedicated activists, such as those who were at this vigil today, and that with such compassionate, devoted people in the movement, change will happen. 

We are just sorry sweet, beautiful ones, that this change did not happen in time to save you who are now lovely angels.You were loved.

Please choose veganism today in their honour.

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Photo credit to wonderful, dutiful activists Agnes Cseke and Caroline Wong.

A video created by dedicated activist, Hannah Gregus of some of the beautiful souls she met during our summer vigils. 

They are all angels now.

Please choose veganism today and help put an end to such needless tragedy.

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