Toronto Cow Save is a sister organisation to Toronto Pig Save.

Toronto Cow Save’s mission is to erect glass walls at Toronto area slaughterhouses in order to encourage people to choose vegan, protect the environment, and support farm sanctuaries. We are working for a just transition for workers as we adjust our food economy to a local, organic, and plant-based diet.

There are two large cow slaughterhouses in Toronto: “St. Helen’s Meat Packers” and Ryding-Regency slaughterhouses, killing about a thousand cows and calves daily. We focus on bearing witness at these massive slaughterhouses, while educating people about compassion for ALL animals, and promoting veganism.

TCS Vigil April 10th

A kind, inquisitive young bovine waiting in a transport truck outside “St. Helen’s Meat Packers” killing facility (in the northwest area of Toronto) was seen with an injured eye that had clearly gone untreated, and must have been horribly uncomfortable for them, to say the least. In the industry, if an animal’s injury/illness is not a threat to humans once their flesh is in the food supply, it will often go untreated, as clearly happened with this beautiful person.

Says Anita Krajnc who bore witness to this bovine,”It was the saddest sight to see….a gentle and sweet cow with an injured eye. His cow friend nuzzled him affectionately and they both sniffed us.”

The lovely persons in this truck deserved far better than the fate they met. They deserved proper care, freedom, respect for their individuality, and love. 

Rest in peace sweet ones.

Please join our vigils or start a Save group in your own area! Dates of vigils are posted on our website and you may always come to us with questions.

The best thing you can do for animals like the ones in this video is to choose a vegan diet and speak out on their behalf in any way that suits you.

Abuse of veal calves unveiled by hidden camera | Toronto Star

TW AT THE LINK: Descriptions of extreme cruelty to animals.

The abuse of calves at a veal farm makes the front page of the Toronto Star.

Such farming of babies for veal is a direct result of the dairy industry. Since cows, like every mammal, need to be pregnant in order to lactate, the industry produces millions of calves. The females are raised to be dairy cows themselves, but since the males are of no use to the dairy industry, they are auctioned off at only a few days old, and are raised for veal.

Long story short, the veal industry is the dairy industry.

The only way to be sure that you are not contributing to such cruelty is to choose a vegan lifestyle!

These beautiful persons had names on their ear-tags. How sad that someone cared enough to name them, but either was unable, or did not care enough to save them from slaughter.

Help save others like these two by choosing a vegan lifestyle! And feel free to message us if you need any help with this transition, or have any questions.

Toronto Cow Save.

Photo credit to Caroline Wong.